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Sailor Moon Cyber - Volume Three -The Origin of SunFire

 (Note: This story takes place back before the fall of the silver milenium and does not flow into the current timeline, just so you don't get confused. Also, it jumps further back in time at one point, then comes back forward again. Hope you enjoy it! ~CyberWarlock)

Sailor SunFire walked quickly down the marble hallways, nodding at the guards and dignitaries that stood by the pillars, talking or looking on. Glancing up through the domed window that topped the palace, she walked into the throne room as two guards held the doors open for her. Smiling at them as she passed onto the white carpet that lead to the throne, where Queen Serenity sat, discussing some matters of importance with one of her advisors. The young princess sat on the steps to the throne, looking at nothing in particular; a wistful look in her eyes. SunFire grinned, everyone knew that the Princess had fallen in love with the Prince from Earth. There had been little but talk about their wedding plans lately in the royal courts. Until now..

"Ah, SunFire!" Queen Serenity looked up from the papers she was reading and motioned for her to step closer. "I am going to need you for a mission of utmost importance."

SunFire nodded and listened. She already had an idea of what the mission was going to entail. An evil force calling itself the warriors of the NegaVerse had appeared recently and the people of the Moon Kingdom were afraid that they would attack any day now. And rumors of traitorous citizens of the kingdom either joining or being coerced into joining the black ranks of their evil forces. Though she was not sure if this was true, no one had seen or heard from Nephrite in days.

SunFire was one of the Queen's personal bodyguards, or Sailor Soldiers as the rest of the guards used to call them, because their uniforms were based on those of the Sailors on Earth's oceans. There were other Sailor Soldiers who looked after the Princess as well. SunFire could see Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus standing in different parts of the throne room, ready to defend Princess Serenity to the death if need arose. The Sailor Soldiers were all Princesses of their respective planets, usually 3rd born children, who would not take the crown and therefore were trained, as highly skilled guardians for the Royal Family of the moon. SunFire was the enigma.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Leti had been born on a small planetoid, called Horus, which orbited around the Sun. Her people had developed the ability to withstand the extreme heat of the star and used that ability to extract energy from the sun's corona, to supply the rest of the kingdom with power for their cities and planets. As a small child, Leti's parents had taken her to the Moon Kingdom for one of the Princess's birthday celebrations, when the whole moon celebrates for days. It was there that Leti saw the first Sailor Soldiers. These women now held high positions on the royal council, as their younger cousins took their place.

She had immediately fallen in love with the idea of protecting the Royal Family. Of being respected by the whole galaxy and of fighting evil in whatever form it took. She told her parents as they traveled back to Horus of her desire to become a Sailor Soldier. Her mother looked at her with sad eyes.

"My dearest Leti-chan, that is a very noble goal, but I am afraid that only members of the royal families are allowed the honor of becoming a Sailor Soldier!"

"You mean I have to be a Princess?" asked Leti, determination still showing in her eyes. "Fine, I'll just marry a Prince!"

Her parents laughed and smiled sweetly at her.

"I don't doubt you will Leti-chan.. I think you can do whatever you set your mind to doing."

Over the next several years, Leti trained her body, in preparation to join the Imperium Forces on the Moon. She ran every morning, wearing a gravity harness to increase the difficulty of the run. She practiced various forms of hand to hand combat with whoever was willing to teach her. She studied the various mystic beliefs of the many different cultures in the galaxy and trained her mind and body as one. She was particularly fascinated with the culture of the Earthlings known as the Egyptians. They believed in a God of the Sun as their principle deity. Being practically from the Sun, Leti felt it fitting that she visit their temples and pyramids, to learn more about what they believed.

On her second visit to Egypt, she met an old man in a temple. He looked at her strangely and didn't speak a word for several minutes. Leti started to get nervous, thinking she had accidentally wandered into some place she should not have been, and was about to leave when the old man spoke.

"I have seen your future.. I have looked into your soul and found you worthy of that which shall come to pass."

Leti stared at the man with confusion and surprise on her face, but he did not say another word. Instead, he slowly walked over to the wall and touched his walking staff down on a section of floor. The wall opened slightly, and from it, he withdrew a large staff topped with an Ankh and a small silver amulet carved with the eye of Horus, the symbol of the Sun God Rah. He handed these things to her and walked away into the old tunnels of the temple. Leti never saw him again.

tc_staff.jpg (4426 bytes)

On her way back home, she studied the hieroglyphics on the back on the amulet and engraved into the Ankh Staff. Her study of the Egyptians had taught her to read most of what it said, but these things meant nothing to her at the time. Wrath of Rah, Solar Flare, Solar Eclipse, Power of the Suns Fire. The concepts of course were not alien to her, but their purpose in being written on these artifacts escaped her. Paying attention to her newly acquired gifts, she almost missed seeing the ship that zoomed by in front of her, nearly clipping her starcraft. She pulled up sharp and swung the ship around to see what it had been.

A sleek black ship, moving incredibly fast, on a course straight for the moon. Something in the back of her mind screamed out a warning. This thing, whatever it was, was not part of the royal fleet, or anything good to be sure. Leti turned on the sub-light engines in her small craft and locked in a pursuit course. Adjusting her comlink to the Royal Guard frequency she sent warning of the imminent arrival of the unknown ship. She was greeted by static for many minutes as the moon got larger in her viewscreen. Then suddenly the channel was alive with chatter as the moon defense forces picked up the incoming vessel on their scopes.

Leti watched in horror as dark creatures, black as space, began pouring out the side of the vessel and quickly moving planetside.

"Damn them for not listening!" she said as she pushed her tiny starcraft past its safety limits in an effort to get there in time. In time to do what, she did not know, but something in the back of her mind kept telling her that this was the right thing to do.

As she brought her vessel into descent formation along side the crystal-like waters in front of the palace, she saw guards everywhere, swords and weapons drawn, fighting against the black horde that was attempting to make their way to the palace gates. Leti landed and threw open the hatch, then suddenly realized she had no weapon to fight with, and these creatures looked tougher than her fists. She looked around frantically then her eyes fell on the Ankh Staff.

"Yes! This will do!" and she grabbed the staff, slid the amulet into her pocket and jumped down from the cockpit to the battle below. Spinning her staff around her body with expert ease, from years of practice battles on Horus, she began cutting herself a path through the enemy lines, hoping to reach the Royal Guard where she could get hold of a weapon that might do more than stun the attacking creatures.

As she slowly moved forward, she heard a few shouts of triumph and looked up to see that Queen Serenity had appeared on the balcony of the palace, her Cosmic Moon Wand in her hand. The Queen began to rain down flashes of brilliant white light upon the enemy horde. The effected creatures crumbled like dust, yet still more pressed onward. The Sailor Soldiers ran out through the palace gates, calling to their planetary powers as they ran, transforming into their more powerful fighting forms. Leti watched them in amazement as bolts of their magics flew threw the air striking the enemy down. She had heard how wonderful these warriors were, as all children hear the stories, but until now, she had never seen them in action. She was still watching when several of the now retreating creatures stumbled upon her, knocking her to the ground.

Leti looked up in horror as 2 of the dark things stared down at her with black faceted eyes. Her staff had fallen several feet away from her, and her amulet lay at her feet. No where to run, no where to hide. She needed to do something and fast.

Noticing that the Sailor Soldiers were slowly working their way towards her, she came up with a quick, and desperate, plan. She grabbed her amulet and jumped up, waving to the Sailor Soldiers over the heads of the aliens.

"Guys!! Over here! I'll take these two!"

The creatures looked up in surprise, having seen the effect the other females had had on their forces and took a step back.

"Good!" thought Leti, "They think I'm one of them.. now.. if I can just keep them thinking a few minutes longer..." She held her amulet above her head and took a deep breath. This would only fool them for a few more seconds, but it may be the seconds that she needed to survive this encounter. Now, what was it they said.. she looked at the hieroglyphics again.. Power of the Suns Fire.. good enough! Leti closed her eyes and shouted..


The look of astonishment on her own face was much larger than the look on the alien creatures' when fire erupted around her and she felt energies flowing into her body. Turning her head slightly, she noticed that she was now suddenly dressed in the uniform of the Sailor Soldiers. She held out her hand and the Ankh Staff floated to her. Grinning in disbelief and overwhelming happiness, she suddenly remembered the words written on the staff.

"Oh yeah.. This is gonna rock! SOLAR FLARE!!!!" Sailor SunFire pointed her staff towards the creatures as fire shot up from the ground, encompassing the creatures in its heat and destroying them where they stood. She tossed her long red hair back and looked out across the battlefield.

The tide was definitely turning. Everywhere she looked, what creatures that remained were quickly fleeing the fight. Then she looked up at the castle and screamed in horror at what she saw. One of the creatures had somehow managed to get past the guards and was moving down the palace wall directly behind Queen Serenity. The Queen, busy watching the battle, had no idea it was there. SunFire ran as fast as she could, her training with heavy gravity running and the moon's light gravity making her faster than she had thought possible. As she weaved quickly through the crowds, she watched the creatures progress, every second getting that much closer to the Queen. SunFire quickly climbed a statue and jumped from one to the next until she was as close to the balcony as she could get.

"QUEEN SERENITY!!" SunFire screamed. But the Queen could not hear her over the noise of the forces below. The creature was within 10 feet of her now, SunFire had no choice. She stepped back, and forcing every ounce of power from her body she leapt from the top of the statue to the balcony. Continuing with the force of her jump, SunFire reached out one arm and grabbed Queen Serenity, pulling her out of the way just as the creature lunged for her. With the other hand, she swung her staff in its direction..

"WRATH OF RAH!!" she screamed as brilliant light shot from her Ankh Staff, engulfing the alien in energy and destroying it completely. SunFire helped Queen Serenity to her feet as the last of the invading force left the moon and the dark ship pulled out of orbit. She smiled at the Queen and bowed deeply.

"Sailor SunFire my liege.. yours to command!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"As I was saying." spoke Queen Serenity, "I need you to take your ship and scout out the asteroid field near Mercury. There have been rumors that the NegaVerse is basing their operations from there."

"Yes my Queen. I shall leave at once!"

SunFire spent the next 2 days searching from asteroid to asteroid, looking for clues as to the enemy's whereabouts. When the frantic call came in from the moon, she was too far away to help.

Leti stepped from her craft and looked around the destruction of the Moon Kingdom. It was deadly silent. Nothing moved except the wind. She walked through the rubble tears streaming from her eyes, calling out the names of her friends and fellow Senshi. Only silence answered her calls. As she rounded a corner, her heart nearly stopped from despair. There, lying against a fallen pillar was Queen Serenity. SunFire ran to her and held her in her arms. Queen Serenity slowly opened one eye, her breathing ragged and her voice hoarse.

"I... sent them.. the future.. my.. darling Princess.. her court.. new.. life.."

"My Queen!" SunFire sobbed. "I am so sorry! I should have been here to protect you!" SunFire looked down and noticed that the Imperium Silver Crystal was gone from the crescent wand. It was then, she knew it was over. The Queen was dying and there was nothing she could do.

"They.. will be... safe.... on earth... earth... of.. the.. future..." Queen Serenity closed her eyes and breathed her last breath. SunFire held her body in her arms for another hour, crying and blaming herself over and over again for Serenity's death.

Finally realizing there was nothing more to be done, she buried the Queen's body in what remained of the Palace Gardens and returned to her StarCraft. If the children were safe in the future, then she must wait for that future to continue her mission, and protect the Moon Princess as she had failed to protect her mother.

SunFire set her ship on automatic orbit around the sun and set the computer to scan for the Senshi's presence on the planet Earth. Then, she activated the cryogenic sleep module and drifted out of consciousness, waiting to be awakened when the time came.

The End of Part Three