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   VOLUME 2-4

Sailor Moon Cyber - Series Two: Volume Four - 

Nick shook his head slowly, trying to stop the buzzing sound, which seemed to echo through his entire body. Painfully he opened his right eye, and was greeted with a bright green glowing light. He winced in pain and shut his eye again.

"Where the hell am I?" he thought to himself. His next thought was to the cyber synaptic connection implanted in his brain. "Initiate visual probe, tie in to GPS satellite system and locate."

System Offline.

"What the hell? Boot optics, activate cortical receiver."

System Offline.

Nick swallow hard against the sudden sense of helplessness that washed over him, and again, slowly opened his eye, blinking in the bright light as the room before him slowly came into focus.

He was in, what would appear to be some sort of laboratory, judging by the equipment and various implements laying about the room. One of the alien creatures was here with him, staring at some sort of strange code on a computer monitor. Nick glanced slowly side to side, noticing that he was fastened against a wall, his legs, arms and waist bound with some kind of metal bonds. He gave a tug at the fastening on his right wrist, testing the bonds. No doubt there, he was stuck and stuck tight.

The creature turned around suddenly and Nick gasped unconsciously at the hideousness of the face and eyes that peered toward him. It occurred to him at that moment that he had never seen these things without their helmets on before. A second thought that occurred at the same time was that he could have lived very well having never seen their faces either.

Nick stared at the alien as it walked towards him. The closest earth creature he could think of to compare this thing to, was a grasshopper, or a praying mantis. It's skin was a greenish brown color with large bulbous eyes protruding from the sides of its head. There was no nose that he could see, and the mouth. if that was indeed what it was, of the alien was strangely curved, with small pincer-like appendages to either side of it.

"Ah. you have awakened earth creature." The alien stood before Nick, looking him up and down, and inspecting the bonds on his body. "Good good. now we see what you are yes? Now we see."

"Who are you?" asked Nick. "What do you want from us?"

"Questions later. later. My answers now I find. tell the Queen, yes. tell the Queen."

Nick frowned as the creature walked back over to the computer system he had been sitting at a moment before and entered a series of keystrokes. Several pieces of the walls around him seemed to break apart at the seams, and small, unknown instruments appeared from them. Nick had no time to study these things as the instruments suddenly shot out green beams of light, as small as a needle, piercing into his flesh in a hundred different places at once. He screamed out in pain and surprise, but the alien creature paid no attention to his cries and continued watching the monitor, as the needle-like lasers probed Nicks body, over and over again.

Hotaru sat on the bed at Nick's apartment, clutching a pillow against her chest. Pixie lay sleeping at the foot of the bed, her small body rising and falling with each breath she took. Hotaru watched her sleep, then looked up and out the open doorway towards the living room, where Ami, Leti and Rae stood crowded around Nick's computer system. They were her friends, and she knew that they were trying to help find him, but a small part of her felt like they were invading. That somehow, they shouldn't be here in his place, when he himself was absent. But as Ami had said, Nick's computer was based on Technology from over 200 years into the future, and was more capable of figuring out what they needed to know, than Ami's own system would have been. So she sat silently, trying to hold back the tears that kept threatening to work their way out of her eyes and down her face, holding the pillow tightly and feeling helpless, lost and alone.

"I don't understand it." Said Ami as she stared at the screen for what felt like the hundredth time. "Nick told me that this system has a direct link to the systems installed in his body, it should be able to pinpoint his location no matter where on earth he is."

"Well," Leti offered. "Maybe he isn't on earth anymore?"

Leti winced to herself as she spoke the words, her eyes darting back towards the bedroom, looking towards Hotaru. If she heard what Leti has said, she didn't seem to react to it.

"Poor thing." Leti sighed to herself. "I wish we had better news for you hon. I really wish we did."

"That's a thought." Agreed Ami. "Computer, widen scanning range to maximum distance from planet surface."

Scan parameters accepted.
Initiating orbital scan....

Target Located.
Location 257 miles above earth surface.
Data indicates parabolic orbit above earth city Tokyo, Japan.

"YES!" the three Senshi exclaimed aloud at the same time.

"Wha? What? I'm up I'm up!!" Usagi leapt from the couch, where she had fallen asleep waiting for news of Nick's whereabouts, and almost crashed headlong into Hotaru who had come running from the bedroom.

"We found him!" Ami smiled at Hotaru. "They must have him in some sort of space ship orbiting the earth. Computer, display life signs of remote target Nhicodima."

Error. Remote system offline.

"That doesn't mean what you think." Leti said quickly, as she watched the color drain completely from Hotaru's already pale face. "It's more likely that the implants in his brain just suffered some damage when the creatures attacked him."

"Yes." Added Ami. "That or the aliens disabled it on purpose. We do know that they are more technologically advanced than we are, they may have found some way to shut his computer down to keep him from escaping."

Hotaru nodded slowly, not wanting to think the worst, wanting to believe he was safe.

"Can we get to him?" she asked, her voice filled with hope.

"We can certainly try." Ami nodded. "Computer, scan dimensions and pinpoint location of structure or vehicle around remote target."

Data Unavailable.
Orbital structure not detectable.
Systems indicate a 97.4% chance vessel is cloaked against detection.

The women all frowned at once.

"If we can't get a physical location for their ship, there is no way we can teleport to it." Said Rae. "Leti, what about your ship? Do you think we could find theirs if we went up in yours?"

"It's possible," Leti nodded slowly. "But there is no way all of us could fit into it. At the most, I could take 3 people other than myself."

"I hope there is no question that I will be one of those?" Hotaru looked around at the others, a glimmer of determination in her eyes.

"Of course Hotaru." Leti smiled. "And Usagi, we will need you."

"Me? Why me? Oh I hate going into space!" Usagi whined.

"Stop thinking about yourself for one minute Usagi and remember that this is someone's life at stake her?" Rae shouted. "Someone who risked his own life for us?"

"I. I know. I'm sorry." Usagi bowed her head in shame, turning towards Hotaru.

"Well, then there is room for one more." Said Leti.

"I should stay here." Ami spoke up. "I can be more effective from Nick's computer system here, and guide you over the ship's radio."

Leti nodded.

"Ok, Rae? You in?"

"Wouldn't miss it." Rae grinned.

"Good!" said Ami. "Now. let me see if I can."

Ami typed a few commands into the terminal, hoping that her knowledge of Nick's system would be enough.

Data Link Initialized.
Activating Restore/Reboot of Remote System Nhicodima.
Full Copyover in 2.7 Hours.

"Awesome!" Leti grinned. "That should give us enough time to get up there, kick some alien behind and Nick won't have to miss any of the fun."

Hotaru smiled at Leti's words, in spite of what she was feeling.

"Let's go!"

The three Senshi ran out the door of Nick's apartment, heading back to Rae's temple, where they kept Leti's ship, hidden in the woods behind it. Ami stared at the computer screen, watching the slow progress of the information uplink and praying that they would be able to succeed.

Nick blinked in surprise as the neon green light of computer text scrolled across his vision. He watched the messages transfer back and forth between his own internal cybernetics and his home system, as the computer on earth attempted to fix the corrupted files and re-initialize his functions.

"Thank you Ami." He thought to himself. It could be no one else. She was the only one other than himself who had enough knowledge of his systems to have been able to pull this off. "Bring secondary processor online."

Secondary Processor Online.

"Allocate secondary processor resources to code manipulation. Transfer consciousness to Digital Archetype."

Digital Archetype Coding in Process.
Time to Launch: Estimated 1.14 Hours.

Nick grinned to himself as he watched the lines of text and code scroll by. He chuckled softly, ignoring the stings of the lasers as his systems slowly came online one by one, and he prepared his digital form.

"Here's something you hadn't counted on my ugly little captor." He thought to himself. "As soon as this file is completed, I am going to dive into your pretty little computer system. And trust me scumball, you've never seen a virus like the CyberWarlock!"


The End of Series Two, Part Four