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Sailor Moon Cyber - Volume Two -Secret Lives

 Haruna-sensei stood at the front of the class and rapped her hand on the desk. "Attention please class! I would like to introduce two new students. Nick and Leti! Both are new to the city and the school and I hope you will make them feel welcome here!" She pointed to the children with her hand as she spoke.

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Nick stood looking over the class with an expression of stone, his long blond hair pulled back in a pony tail, his sky blue eyes scanning the room with little or no expression. He straightened slightly as the teacher mentioned his name, his full height of 6 feet becoming apparent. Several of the girls in the class whispered to each other and smiled in his direction. His cold features took little notice of their stares.

Leti smiled and tossed her long red hair from her eyes with a flick of her head, nodding in greeting to the faces of her new classmates. Her large brown eyes paused on Usagi momentarily and her smile broadened. She self consciously flattened her skirt with her hands and glanced back towards the teacher.

"All right, if you two could find yourselves some seats, we will begin today's lesson!"

Leti took a seat next to Usagi and the two giggled and whispered to each other until Haruna-sensei's stare silenced them. Nick walked to the back of the room and took a desk as far away from the front of the room as he could manage. He stared straight ahead at the black board without saying a word. Class began and the students went about their work, whispering to each other now and then to comment on their new classmates.

As lunch hour came upon them, the halls filled with the noise and bustle of hundreds of kids moving quickly towards the schoolyard and lunchroom. Mamoru moved briskly through the halls searching for Usagi. He had thought to come and surprise her with a visit and company for her lunch break. As he struggled to avoid the hordes of youngsters running this way and that, he stepped sideways for a moment, running smack into a tall blond boy, who looked less than impressed at the collision. Nick and Mamoru stared at each other for a moment. Both had the same unspoken thought in their mind; "Where have I seen you before?" Mamoru broke the silent exchange.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going!" he smiled appologetically.

Nick sneered and gave Mamoru a curt look, before continuing on down the hall. Mamoru stared after him, puzzled, as Usagi appeared and threw herself into his arms!

"Oooh Mamo-chan!! What are you doing here? I'm so happy to see you!"

"Uh-huh," he replied, still in confusion over what just happened. He pointed down the hall towards Nick. "You know that guy?"

"Hmm?" Usagi looked down the hall, "Oh him? His name is Nick. He's new here. I don't think he has any friends yet."

"Well, he's not going to make any with that attitude of his!"

"I see you have met Nick?" said Leti as she walked up to the two of them, a wry grin on her face. "He's a character allright. Acting all dark and mysterious. But I'm sure he will mellow out given a chance. It's gotta be hard coming to a new school, having to leave all of your friends behind? At least I have you guys!"

Usagi smiled at Leti, and waved at Ami down the hall. "Lets go grab some lunch guys, I'm starved!"

Ami laughed as she joined the trio, "That's nothing new!"

The 4 friends laughed and linked arms as they walked out the door towards the schoolyard.

Nick sat on the roof of the school, looking down at the scurrying children below.

"They mill about like little ants, going nowhere as they trudge through their meaningless lives." He stood and looked out over the city. "But all that is going to change. Darkstalker!!!"

darkstalker_jef_sm.gif (7959 bytes)A shimmering ripple of black energy appeared before him and morphed into a demon-like creature. The beast snarled and showed its fangs, shaking its head and stretching its clawed hands out, pulling itself up to its full height.

"You see these children down there?" Nhicodima pointed to the schoolyard below. "They annoy me. Dispense with them!"

The Darkstalker roared and bowed to its master, then turned and dove down through the air towards a group of girls who sat giggling by a tree. One girl looked up and screamed, giving just enough warning for the others to get out of the way as the creature's claws slashed through the trunk of the tree.

Mamoru and the girls walked out the front door of the school just in time to see the splinters of bark and leaves settle to the ground, and saw the Darkstalker turning back towards the horrified children who ran this way and that, screaming in terror.

"Hey you!!" yelled Usagi, posing bravely on the steps. "What do you think you are doing coming to our school and tearing up the schoolyard?"

The creature's only reply was to growl and launch itself at her. Usagi screeched, falling backwards over her own feet and watched helplessly as the demon-thing's claws slashed down at her throat. Then, just as quickly, it was launched back the other way by the combined tackle of Mamoru and Leti, who knocked it to the ground.

Leti smirked and looked down at the confused look on the Darkstalker's face. "We normally just say hi when we meet someone. We save the throat slashing for later, after we have got to know them!"

The Darkstalker growled and began to rise to its feet. The girls looked around, noticing that the children had managed to flee the imediate area during the last few minutes. They looked back at each other and nodded.




"Gotta get me one of those catch phrases!" muttered Mamoru as he called on the powers of the earth, transforming into Tuxedo Kamen.

From his vantage point above, CyberWarlock watched it all.

"NO!! It's her!? She goes here? She has been right here this whole time? How did I not notice this?" Nhicodima stared down as his mind searched for answers.

Usagi stood before the demon. "I am Sailor Moon, defender of this planet, and this schoolyard too! I will not let you cause any more harm today! In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!" Mercury and SunFire nodded in agreement!

The Darkstalker lunged once again at the Senshi, but they were ready for it this time.

"SHINE AQUA ILLUSION" Mercury yelled out as the creature was thrown back against the wall, its limbs encased in ice. It struggled and roared in rage, slowly cracking its bonds in an effort to confront the cause of its discomfort.

"You're too 'cool' Mercury! But, let me, heat things up a little!" grinned SunFire. "SOLAR FLARE!!!!"

The Darkstalker squeeled in fear and pain as the searing flames lept up at it from the ground below. It's eyes wild in panic and confussion, it looked this way and that for a possible escape route.

"Not this time ugly!" snapped Sailor Moon as she twirled her scepter through her fingers. "You're going down! It's dusting time!!!"


The moonbeams from her scepter shot out towards the creature and impacted with incredible force against... the wall!? The Darkstalker's form melted away in a black light. Cyber had returned it to its realm to lick its wounds and plan anew.

Nhicodima floated down towards the assembled heros, his arms crossed over his chest.

"And again, I find myself asking, 'Why must they always get in my way?' Do you children not have better things to do with yourselves?"

"Not a chance blondie!" replied Sailor Moon. "As long as there are evil scuzzballs like you around, we will always be here to stop you!"

"How very noble of you. How very noble.. and pathetic!"

SunFire looked up at him and smiled sweetly, "Care to try round 2?"

"Not this day red.. but we will have our, 'time in the sun' yet you and I!" Cyber bowed his head slightly and melted into the shadows, leaving the schoolgrounds unearthly quiet.

Mamoru shrugged and looked at the girls, "Uhm.. well.. that was interesting?"

"Uh-huh!" nodded Usagi. "But I'M STILL HUNGRY!!!!!!"

The 4 ran off to 'change' and go get lunch. Nick stared down from his perch on top of the school.

"They think they won that round. But now I know their secret! I know who they are!! Hahaha.. and soon.. they will all be.. dead!" Nick laughed uncontrolably and turned, heading back into the school to plan for his next encounter with the Sailor Senshi.

The End of Part Two