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Sailor Moon Cyber - Volume One -SunFire Arrives

Usagi stared at the small computer screen for the 3rd time, trying to understand what all the fuss was about.

"You see," said Ami, "Right here.. orbiting around the sun. A small object, like an asteroid or something. But it registers as organic!"

"You mean it's alive?" asked Rae

"Yes, so far as I can tell from this far away, and with all the radiation interference from the sun itself"

Artimus looked up from his sleeping position in Minako's lap, "Well, the question now is, what do we do about it?"

"Agreed!" purred Luna. "I have a very strange feeling about this thing."

Lita nodded solemnly, "And Luna is usually right when she has a feeling!"

Usagi sat back onto the couch, with a little more force than she had intended, "OOF! Hmph..So, what are we supposed to do about it? That thinks waaaaay up in space!"

"Couldn't we just teleport to it?" asked Minako

"Too dangerous," replied Ami, "There is no way of knowing if there is any air to breath, the object itself is only slightly larger than a human and on top of all that, none of us could survive that close to the sun! We would be burned to death almost immediately."

"Ewwww... I would NOT look good barbecued!" quipped Usagi

"Oh, I don't know, " smiled Rae, "It might be an improvement!"

"Oh yeah, well listen Miss-Hi-And-Mighty-Mars.."

"I'm trying to, but your whining is breaking my ears!!"

Ami, Minako, Lita and the cats, quietly walked out the side door and sat on the steps of the Temple. Ami went over her readings on her computer again, attempting to widen the scan frequency.

"Hey!" she suddenly exclaimed, "This is not an asteroid.. this is some kind of ship? I have detected another computer signal coming from it!" Lita looked over Ami's shoulder.

"What does it say?"

"It will take me a minute to download the information... uhm... there!" The three Senshi and the cats all stared open mouthed at the computer as the crescent moon symbol appeared. They were still staring in confusion when Usagi and Rae waltzed out. Usagi blinked, "Hey, that's my symbol... isn't it?"

Luna nodded, "The symbol of all of us who fight for truth and love. Ami, can you reply to the signal at all?"

"I am trying to do that now.. I think I have it.. yes, the computer at the other end has confirmed the message.. and.. wait.. the ship, or whatever it is, has moved out of the suns orbit and is heading towards earth!!" Ami's eyes widened as the radar blip on her computer showed the ship slowly moving away from the sun. "At its current rate of speed, it should enter earth's atmosphere in just under 12 hours."

"Do we know where it will land?" asked Artimus

"According to my calculations, it has homed in on my signal and will land right here in Tokyo!"

"But.. It's showing the moon symbol.. its good right?" asked Usagi.

"We don't know that for sure.. it could be an enemy trick!" replied Luna. "The Negaverse has been very quiet lately, and it would be just like them to do something like this just to catch us off guard!" The Senshi nodded in agreement. Just then, Chibi-Usa came running around the corner, with Luna P flying along behind her. She stopped, slightly out of breath in front of the Senshi. "Downtown.. some weird guy.. showed up through a portal of some kind and started blowing things up. The others are down there now trying to stop him. Usagi.. they are gonna need you."

"Um-hum!" nodded Usagi as she reached for Chibi-Usa's hand

"Moon Crisis Make-Up!!"

The others called their powers as well and took off at top speed towards the Tokyo downtown area. As they rounded the last corner, they could hear screaming and see people panicking and running away in all directions. Half of the block was in flames and Saturn and Pluto stood several meters away with their staves pointing towards a man in silver and black armor who floated above the ground staring down. His long blond hair blowing in the wind, he gazed upon the newcomers with a sneer. "So.. more foolish females to get in my way. Fine.. you can join your friends over there." His gloved hand pointed towards a crumbling wall where Neptune and Uranus lay unconscious in the rubble.

Usagi gasped, "You pathetic slime! You hurt my friends, and that will not be tolerated. I am Sailor Moon, and in the name of the moon I'll punish you for what you've done.. uhm.. just out of curiosity.. who are you?"

Cyber_small.gif (5279 bytes)"I have many names... but you may call me Nhicodima the CyberWarlock. Tell them I sent you when you check through the gates of hell!" Cyber raised a hand in an almost carefree gesture and the 6 Senshi at the end of the street were suddenly thrown violently backwards, slamming into windows, walls and lampposts. Saturn's Silent Wall protected her and Pluto from the attack, but the others were too far out of range. Hotaru and Setsuna screamed as Chibi-Usa crashed through the plate glass window of a restaurant across the street.


Sailor Saturn growled with rage and launched herself at CyberWarlock, swinging her Glaive down swiftly across his chest, slicing through his armor like paper.

Cyber stumbled backwards.. holding the gaping wound on his chest, staring at Sailor Saturn, who was still standing before him, looking as though she was about to make another stab at him.

"This is not good," said Cyber to himself as the Inner Senshi began to pick themselves up from where they lay down the street. "I am too outnumbered and need time to heal and plan... mark my words Sailor Soldiers, I will be back to take care of you all!!." As he faded away in a flash of black light, Hotaru heard his words in her head, "And especially you!!"

Usagi ran to where Neptune and Uranus lay, praying that they both still lived, and was relieved to see them stirring and moaning slightly as she approached them. "Are you guys alright?"

"Yes.. we will be, " nodded Haruka, "Thanks. He just.. caught us off guard.. didn't expect him to be.. so.. powerful!"

"Well this is just great!" sighed Luna, "We've got a who-knows what dropping in from outer space in the next 10 hours and a super powerful mad-man running around Tokyo.. I knew I should have stayed in bed this morning!"

Nhicodima sat on a throne of silver in his lair between dimensions, watching through a small portal as the Senshi milled around and picked themselves up.

"I thought my arrival in this time would be easier. I had not planned on such beings as these. I will have to re-adjust my strategy."

His attention caught on the words Luna spoke, 'something dropping in from space'? Intrigued, he waved a hand, and the image in the portal faded, replaced by the scene of a small space craft moving swiftly towards the planet earth.

"Interesting. This is what they are expecting? I shall have to make sure I get to it first." CyberWarlock closed the image and began computing its probable landing co-ordinates. When this ship arrived, he planned to be there, and take whatever technology and information it carried to use for himself. He laughed to himself as he sat back on his throne, his wounds from the battle almost completely healed. "We shall meet again Sailor Soldiers. And this time... the battle shall go to me!"

Several hours later, the Senshi sat in a cafe, just half a block away from where Ami had calculated that the object would land. As Usagi slurped her hot chocolate and stuffed her face with donuts, the others questioned each other on the possibilities of whatever this thing was.

"Perhaps, " offered Ami, "It's a computer database from the moon kingdom? We still don't know what all Queen Serenity was able to save when the Negaverse attacked. Maybe the great library is still intact."

"Really," Rae raised an eyebrow, "Only you would think it was a computer! I think it must be some dreamy looking warrior that fled the moon after the battle, just waiting for us to return so he could come to earth and be with us, side by side, fighting evil"

Hotaru shook her head slowly, "You are starting to sound like Usagi... Whatever it is, I can sense incredible power coming from it. If it is a trap as Luna suggested, we may be in for worse problems than the CyberWarlock."

Suddenly, and explosion ripped through the street outside, rattling the windows of the coffee shop.

"Speak of the devil." muttered Setsuna as she and the others ran for the door. Usagi looked up from her plate.

"Wait for meeeeee!! Ooooooh, I didn't get to finish my last eclair.. you're gonna pay for that CyberDweeb!"

The Senshi ducked down a side alley and quickly transformed, running down the street to the source of the explosion. They arrived to see CyberWarlock, standing in a circle of flaming car wreckage, holding another car above his head, like he was poised to throw it. "I thought that might get your attention!" He laughed evilly, and tossed the vehicle towards the Senshi, who scattered to the sides as it exploded in the street where they had been standing. Just as quick to retaliate, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus countered with their Dead Scream, Deep Submerge and World Shaking attacks in quick succession.

Without moving anything but his hand, CyberWarlock opened several portals into space and their powerful attacks were drawn harmlessly into them and away from him. Cyber grinned and faded into shadows momentarily, appearing in triplicate behind the 3 outers and dragging them through portals into an unknown dimension. Several seconds later, another portal appeared and Pluto, Neptune and Uranus dropped out, slamming unconscious into the road, and CyberWarlock appeared once again, standing atop a lamp pole laughing hysterically at the Senshi, who looked on with wide eyes.

"You pathetic fools. You can not hope to defeat me!" he narrowed his eyes and moved his hands in a circular motion, "Tamashi no ken!!" His hands glowed black as a sword of black plasma appeared in his hands.

"FIRE SOUL!!!!!"




CyberWarlock blocked with his Blade, knocking the Senshi's attacks back towards them, exploding into them and tossing them back across the street.

Usagi and Hotaru stood watching in horror as this creature of darkness swatted their friends like flies.


"Oh do hush up!" snarled CyberWarlock as he jumped down from the lamppost, his sword diving towards Usagi's chest. As his blade was about to slice into her, a black stick suddenly blocked it. Cyber turned his gaze sideways to see Tuxedo Kamen standing there, his staff in his hand.

"You have come to this world leaving nothing but terror and destruction in your wake and that will not be tolerated. You have incredible power, but nothing can stand against the power of love and justice!" said Tuxedo Kamen.

CyberWarlock stood studying him for a moment, letting his sword drop slightly to his side. Then swiftly, without warning, backhanded him across the face, sending him to his back on the cold pavement.

"Foolish children.. life has made me what I am! There is no such thing as love and justice for me. That which once called itself such has only lead to pain and misery, and so I shall bring pain and misery to all of you!! ALL OF YOU!!!" He turned and brought his Blade down towards Usagi once again, this time to be once again blocked, by the Glaive of Sailor Saturn. "You, girl... are really starting to annoy me!"

"Good.. that was the plan. SILENCE GLAIVE SURPRISE!!!!!!!!"

Cyber looked left and right frantically, as all noise in the city suddenly disappeared, looking for the direction of the attack. When it came, from below, he was taken completely by surprise and the ensuing explosion sent him hurtling through the wall of a nearby building.

"NOW USAGI!!" screamed Hotaru as CyberWarlock began to pull himself slowly from the wreckage. But her voice was drowned out by the screaming sound of the sonic boom as a small ship entered the atmosphere above Tokyo and shot towards them at an incredible speed. It stopped 10 feet from the ground and hovered there. A small black vessel with markings of red, and a large yellow crescent moon emblazed across the front. The slowly reviving Senshi looked up in amazement at this unknown visitor. It was then that Cyber made his move. Teleporting from his position in the rubble, he appeared directly in front of Sailor Saturn, closing his hand around her throat and lifting her small body off of the ground. She struggled, and attempted to bring the awesome power of her Glaive upon him once more, but he kicked it out or her hand and it spun away to land useless amongst the wreckage.

"You have been a thorn in my side once too often little one!" CyberWarlock glared as he slowly increased the pressure around Hotaru's throat. The other Senshi began to run towards them. "Stay back!! All of you! If you know what is good for your friend here, you will listen to me!"

The Sailor Soldiers stopped in their tracks, glancing back and forth at one another in panic and indecision. The object hovering above their heads, momentarily forgotten.

"Walk away Sailors and I may yet let her live. This battle belongs to me, and to the victor goes the spoils of war!" Cyber's head tilted towards the floating space vessel, indicating his intentions. All eyes remained fixed on CyberWarlock, anticipating his next move, except for Mercury, who had involuntarily followed his head movements and now stared at the ship. Mercury let out a gasp as her eyes widened, but by then, it was already too late.

"WRATH OF RAH!!!!"tc_small.gif (5149 bytes)

Without warning, a blinding beam of light shot down at CyberWarlock, shattering his armor and setting his cape and clothing ablaze with flame. His grip on Saturn loosened as he was once again flung backwards into the wall of yet another building. Stunned, he glanced up and saw the source of his current position.

Standing atop the floating vessel, was another Sailor Soldier. Her long red and black hair draped over the dark grey and red of her fuku. Her brown eyes gazed down at him as she held a large staff, shaped like an ankh, pointed towards him. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. And now she was here to destroy him. An angel. An angel of death.

"Warrior of Rah, God of the Sun. Protector of the realms that feel his fiery breath! I am the Soldier of the sun, Sailor SunFire!" The newly arrived Senshi jumped from her ship and landed gracefully before CyberWarlock, her Ankh Staff still pointed towards him. "You threaten those who protect this world. What have you to say in your defense?"

"You are... beautiful..." he stammered, attempting to stand, and finding his body would not obey his commands. Sailor SunFire raised an eyebrow and stepped back slightly, but kept her weapon trained on his semi-prone form.

Cyber slowly stumbled to his feet, holding his arm across the various wounds on his body. As he raised his head, the half mask he wore on his face fell to the ground, charred and breaking. He looked over the assembled Senshi with his exposed cybernetic eye. The metal of his cheekbone and techno-implants gleaming in the light of the many fires that surrounded them. "But.. you would... never be able... to care for... something... like me.." He grimaced in pain as he summoned the little that remained of his energy to open the portal to his lair. "We.. shall.. no.. we MUST... meet again... someday..." and he vanished into the night.

SunFire stood there a moment, not sure how to react, then slowly turned around to see the other Senshi staring at her, eyes wide.

"Hello my friends. I am Sailor SunFire. I have waited a long time to get a signal that Queen Serenity's plan was successful and that the Princess and her court were safe on earth. I see now that it is true and I offer to join you, and pledge my services to the Protection of the Moon Princess." SunFire bowed respectfully and looked hopefully towards Usagi.

Usagi giggled and stepped forward to shake her hand, "As I always say, the more the merrier! Welcome to the club SunFire!"

The other Senshi crowded in around her, asking questions, introducing themselves and laughing casually. No one noticed as Hotaru slowly slipped away, retrieved her Glaive from the rubble and flew off into the night sky. She glanced back over her shoulder at SunFire.

"I don't know why... but I just can't trust her yet. Something... just.. isn't right!" But unable to come up with the answer, Hotaru continued her journey home, oblivious to the welcoming festivities behind her.

The End of Part One