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To help speed up the download time, the AVI files have been compressed into ZIP format. To extract them, you need a copy of Winzip from if you don't have it already.

Sailor Saturn's Transformation sequence!!!
(850K ZIP/AVI File)
The Destruction of Mistress9.
(2.9meg ZIP/AVI File)
Saturn's Spirit Appears in Mamoro's Appartment.
(3.6meg ZIP/AVI File)
Sailor Saturn Confronts Sailor Moon.
(6.5meg ZIP/AVI File)
Saturn's Silent Wall Power/Defence.
(1.5meg ZIP/AVI File)
Neptune and Uranus attack Pluto and Saturn.
(1.2meg ZIP/AVI File)
Sailor Saturn's as a child in Sailor Stars.
(8.1meg ZIP/AVI File)
Hotaru looks into the future, see's the death of Eternal Sailor Moon and starts to cry.
(13.5meg ZIP/AVI File)
Sailor Saturn's spirit appears to Hotaru.
(13.2meg ZIP/AVI File)
Hotaru's classmates are afraid of her "strange powers".
(3.7meg ZIP/AVI File)
Hotaru shows off her powers!
(1meg ZIP/AVI File)
Mistress9 kills Kaolite! (never liked her anyway!)
(2.8meg ZIP/AVI File)
Kaolite is mean to baby Hotaru.
(3.3meg ZIP/AVI File)

 The clips below are in RealPlayer format, and require RealPlayer to be viewed.

Saturn Attacks Queen Neherenia. (inludes Silent Wall and Silence Glaive Surprise Attacks)

The Emergence of Mistress 9.

Sailor Saturn Goes to Destroy Pharoh and Herself. Confronts Sailor Moon.