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Attacks, Weapons and Powers

The Ankh-Staff: Sailor SunFire carries this staff, with the symbol of Rah, the Sun God. Among its many powers it can also be used to crack over enemies skulls.
Solar Eclipse: Similar to Mercury's bubbles, in that it causes disorienation and blindness. This attack surrounds the immediate area in darkness.  Usefull when waiting for the other Senshi to show up.
Wrath of Rah: A laser-light strike from the Ankh-Staff, directed at an enemy, causing pain and discomfort or even death.
Solar Flare: Causes the ground around an enemy to errupt with flames, burning, toasting or othewise leaving them incapable of doing much but yelling a whole lot!

Attacks, Weapons and Powers

The Soul Blade: Similar in appearance to a Japanese Ninja sword, but surrounded in black plasma. He calls its power by transfering the magickal energy from his spirit into the weapon's form.

Powers: Other than the sword, most of CyberWarlock's abilities are not specific, as they are various spells he learned as a child. In brief, some of the powers he posses include:

Flight, Dimension/Time Travel, Fireballs, Lightning Bolts, etc., Healing, Disguise/Morph, Minor Telekinetics


Attacks, Weapons and Powers

Like CyberWarlock, most of Pixies powers are learned Magick from many years of study. Most of her powers have yet to be discovered in the series, though her inherent abilites include:

Shape Change, Minor Telekinetics, Flight and Hypnosis/Charm.