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Real Name: Tomoe Hotaru
Sailor Saturn, Mistress 9
Senshi of:
Destruction/Death and Rebirth
13-16 (but it varies)
January 6th
Astrological Sign:
Blood Type:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Food:
Nihon Soba (Japanese Noodles)
Least Favorite Food:
Favorite Subject:
Worst Subject:
Phys Ed
Collecting Lamps and Dolls
Special Powers:
Senshi Powers: Death Reborn Revolution, Silence Glaive (weapon), Silent Wall
Mugen Gakuen (Infinity School)
Tomoe Mansion
Professor Tomoe (Father)
Being Alone/Marathons
: A Nurse
"I am the soldier of destruction, my guardian deity is the planet of silence. The warrior of death and rebirth...SAILOR SATURN!"

Hotaru Tomoe started life as an ordinary child with two caring parents. She and her mother and father lived quiet happily in Tomoe mansion, their lives filled with joy and happiness. All of this changed while Hotaru was still quite young. Her mother died in a dreadful fire, completely destroying their happy life. Professor Tomoe threw himself completely into his scientific studies causing Hotaru to withdraw in to herself out of sheer loneliness. Hotaru attends Mugen Gakuen as a first year student. She has no friends due to an uncanny ability she has to heal others. Her peers are disturbed by this and shun her completely. After school she rests her frail body alone in her fathers mansion, surrounded only by the dolls and lamps that she collects. Eventually Usagi and Chibi-Usa befriend Hotaru. She finds herself becoming close to Usagi and strangely closer to Chibi-Usa.

One day Hotaru was watching her father in his lab. He was working on some sort of experiment. Somehow this experiment backfired killing all of the lab hands as well as Hotaru. Professor Tomoe was overcome with grief. Suddenly the Daemon Maser appeared and told the stricken professor that Hotaru would live as long as he gave up his soul. Professor Tomoe felt that he had no choice and agreed to the trade. Immediately Hotaru woke up and watched the Demon Master posses her father. Now that her father was evil, the Daemon Master decided that Hotaru should be too. He sent Kaolinite to kidnap Chibi-Usa because he knew of the heart crystal and about Hotaru's feelings for the little girl. Stepping right into the trap, Hotaru went after Chibi-Usa and her father. Kaolinite told Hotaru that in turn for Chibi-Usa's life she must take the heart crystal and swallow it. Hotaru agreed.......She popped the crystal in to her mouth and swallowed. Knowing only that Chibi-Usa was now safe, Hotaru felt a strange and evil sensation. She felt herself changing....transforming into the evil Mistress9.

As Mistress9 Hotaru's only goal was to use the holy grail to summon Master Pharaoh 90 so that the world could be destroyed. Together Mistress9 and the death busters summoned Master Pharaoh 90 to the earth causing a massive explosion. Sailor Uranus and Neptune arrived on the scene only in time to feel the explosion that killed them both. Sailor Pluto was then called upon to turn back time and to save Sailors Uranus and Neptune. The Demon Master left the body of professor Tomoe to fight against the two scouts. Eventually he was defeated and Professor Tomoe was freed from the evil that had encompassed him. Seeing his only daughter possessed by Misterss9 he sought to save her, but it would not be so easy. Hotaru had to do it herself. Slowly some memories came back to Hotaru. She knew that she must overpower Mistress9 to save the world. Hotaru fought a battle inside herself, using her memories to weaken Mistress9. During this struggle the Sign of Saturn appeared transforming Hotaru into her Sailor form. Mistress9 was destroyed.

Sailor Saturn transports to Mamoru's apartment where Chibi-Usa lies weak and sick, She returns the crystal to it's rightful owner and Chibi-Moon is restored. 
Saturn returns to the scene of the battle and informs Sailor Moon that she is going to undo the evil that Mistress9 and Master Pharaoh 90 brought into the world... she was going to Silence it. Sailor Moon begged Saturn not to go alone and even tried to follow her into the crater made by the explosion. Saturn held her Silence Glaive to Sailor Moon's head and said goodbye. Saturn dove into the crater to finish what she unintentionally started. Sailor Moon tried to follow her but was blasted back. Screaming and crying, she tried to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon, but to no avail, the holy grail was destroyed. All hope was lost. Then out of nowhere Usagi's heart crystal appeared magically transforming her into Super Sailor Moon. She jumped into the crater and instantly the world was restored, she returned holding a little baby in her arms. Hotaru had died saving the world and was reborn.

Sailor Uranus travelled to the hospital to see Professor Tomoe as he recovered. He had a broken arm as well as a concussion but he would recover fine. Neptune carried baby Hotaru in to her ecstatic father . Both were given another chance. Over the years they grew very very close. Professor Tomoe made up for everything given this second chance to raise his daughter.