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"Though I know there are TONS more audio files available on the net for Sailor Moon, I've picked ones that are relevant to either Sailor Saturn or Sailor SunFire and a couple that I just like. :) Enjoy. If you listen to the SunFire MP3s, I'd REALLY like to hear what you think of them. Let me know!
OH!! One final note.. if you are going to use any of the Saturn files on your site, DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO MY PAGE! Save them yourself. I will change the filenames if I find links to my servers and I will be cranky ;) Thanks."

* Sailor Saturn/Moon   *Sailor SunFire/CyberWarlock


Sailor Saturn's Theme *
DeathBuster's Theme (Mistress9) *
Japanese Opening Theme *
Sailor Stars Theme *
Outer Senshi Henshin *
Sailor Moon Dance Mix *
Moon Prism Power *


Sailor SunFire Henshin *
SunFire's First Battle
CyberWarlock's Theme *
Between The Realms
Day Dreams
Sailor Moon Cyber (Intro)
Sailor Moon Cyber (Theme)
Sailor Moon Cyber (Ending)
Fall From Grace
Usagi's Theme

Please Note Original Midi Means I Wrote Them and are © Aerik Watson. Please, if you wish to use one on your site ask me and leave me credit for it's creation. Thank you.

WAV Audio Files

Saturn Planet Power (143K) *
Saturn's Speech (76K) *
Silent Glaive
(470K) *
Silent Wall
(188K) *
Death Reborn Revolution
(72K) *

MP3 Audio Files

SM-Cyber Series Intro (734K) *
Sunfire Henshin (463K) *
Soul Sword Attack (172K) *
Mystic Portal Spell (131K) *
Solar Flare Attack (145K) *
Hotaru's Theme Pt 1 (537K) *
Hotaru's Theme Pt 2 (1.1Meg) *
Hotaru's Prediction (1.5 Meg) *
Saturn's Theme (3.1 Meg) *
Sailor Stars Theme (3.6 Meg) *
Outer Senshi Henshin
(1.3 Meg) *
Outers BG Music (522 K)
Death Busters (2.7 Meg) *
Hotaru's Prologue (2.8 Megs) *
Hotaru's Poem (1.9 Megs)

* Sailor Moon music and sound files © 1992 Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha, TOEI Animation and associated musical and voice character artists.
*Sailor SunFire music and sound files © 2001 Aerik Watson/CyberWarlock's Webmagick.